About Us


Youth Orientation for Development (YOD) is a Non-Profit, UNESCO accredited, Non-Governmental Organization established in 2001 and registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC-RC NO. 14835) Abuja in 2002. As a UNESCO NGO promoting the ideals of UNESCO in Education, Science and Culture, we are recognised and affiliated with the Federal Ministry of Education,  Federal Ministry of Youth Development and Federal Ministry of Information and Culture as an Implementing NGO. Our drive is to empower and develop youth to become useful and productive citizens. We employ practical skill acquisition programmes, public health enlightenment campaigns, counseling and educations as vital tools for our work. We are also concerned with the protection of youth rights, development and empowerment through continuous orientation towards positive values.

Our Vision

A Youth-led society in which young people are actively involved indecision-making and are able to contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of their immediate environment and larger society and are so empowered.

Our Mission

To promote the rights, empowerment and involvement of young people and youths in the development of the society through education, mentoring and networking.

Broad Objectives

he broad objective of YOD are the research, study, defense, protection and promotion of youth-related activities generally recognized as development without any discrimination as to sex, creed, social or other origin.
YOD takes special interest in the advancement of youths’ cause, their education and the sensitization of public opinion in all their development.
Specifically, YOD aims to:

  • Bring about the holistic development of Nigerian youths and proper channeling of their skills and abilities for national growth.
  • Contribute to societal development through youth mobilization and advocacy for empowerment.
  • Inculcate in youths, values that makes democratic practice effective.
  • Facilitate the empowerment and development of individual leadership skills through ICT.
  • Provide training to empower youths on abstaining from high risk behaviors, encourage character developments and relationship skills.

Board of Directors

Late Amb. Segun Olusola
Founding Chairman
Amb. Emmanuel Ejiogu
Senator (Prof.) Jubril Aminu
H.E. Senator Sam Egwu
Segun Babatope
Stella Ejiogu
Prof. Tunde Opeibi


Amb. Emmanuel Ejiogu
Stella Ejiogu
Rahmat Ibrahim
Secretary General
Euriel Momah
Director Youth Affairs
Segun Eletu
Head Publicity & ICT

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